i love doing covers so much. i keep telling myself that someday i’m going to learn how to use ableton via making a whole bunch of covers but at this point it is simply not a very high priority on my list of things to do for the band.

we did get to make this cover of the sopranos theme song for this very cool cover compilation of tv show theme songs our friends the future teens put together a while ago. i’m very proud of our cover which is why i’m putting it here but the whole comp is very cool and you should go buy it on bandcamp if you are able because the proceeds benefit the first nations development institute.

woke up this morning (sopranos theme cover) – twin princess

also this piece from mel magazine about the sopranos is great and i love that there’s so much discussion around this show. it’s a good show! i have been thinking a lot about it, and morality, and family, and the concept of obligation, and therapy, and ducks, and AJ’s nu-metal shirts, and whatnot!

so if anyone wants to talk about the sopranos with me just, you know..hit my line. and if anyone has any specific songs for me to add to the ever growing list of future ableton covers, feel free to throw those my way as well and maybe with some external pressure it’ll happen.