img credits: bathroom design by barry dean (1985), faster, pussycat! kill! kill! (1965), eleanor watson, kay nielsen, kate ballis, yoriyuki, kellen jett, emil robinson, chloe elizabeth

these are some images that rattle around in my head a lot. when i go looking for inspiration for a project i look through my ancient secret tome (old tumblr account) to see if it brings up any particular sparks. it usually works, looking at familiar beautiful things feels good, and the best occasions are when they are a jumping off point to newer creative ideas – away from the archives of years-old ideas.

but i do just love collecting little visual references and reorganizing them, re-contextualizing them but just for my specific purposes. they still carry with them all their weight and context, but exist as a small piece of the original creative work and i can rework my ideas as conversation rather than monologue. the context of ideas is important to me, i try to avoid simulacra – reference without referent. in the post-digital age or what have you i don’t know if that is even possible? but i appreciate the writers, researchers, + archivists doing the work of establishing context for all of know. content we are always taking in.

it’s hard to be generative. ideas spring forth but in my particular case (being beholden to the very sexy + unique adult ADHD) i lose grasp of them before i’m able to figure out how to actually execute them. i have to make a lot of little lists and obstacle courses and rewards systems to get myself to actually do the things that i want to do. i find it helpful to have rabbit holes i can follow, trains of ideas connected to images. art becomes steady earth to stand on. reminders that the result is the practice in itself!

anyway! see u later. xo